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From cooking the rice to learning artful plating, get ready to discover all things sushi.

In this fully interactive hands-on class, you will learn the ins and outs of all things sushi

with the incredibly talented Chef Stacy.

You will begin with the basics, such as deciphering how to select fish from trusted sources, how to properly handle, store and fillet fish, and how to prepare sushi rice. Then, Chef Stacy will explain all about the different types of sushi before you dive into crafting your very own masterpieces, including specialty rolls, inside-out rolls (Uramaki), Nori Maki / Hosomaki,  Nigiri and Assorted Sashimi. This class can be customized based on diet, including vegan, vegetarian and/or gluten free. 
Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.

$135/per person

Assorted Sushi Rolls
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